Bas Ariaansz

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Hi there,

My name is Bas Ariaansz and I develop websites! I am currently studying Mediatechnology at the Rotterdam University. I love to help people achieving their online goals by making a custom website for them.

After school I work out a lot. I play Handball and practice six times a week. When I have time left I work out in the gym or have some quality time with friends!

After my graduation I intend to see the world and travel. I certainly want to work in another country for at least a couple of years to gain experience.

If you are interested, click on the contact page and leave me a message.

My latest projects


Logopedie Leiden is a website I developed based on Wordpress. Therefore I have basic experience with Wordpress. I picked a nice theme and made some customizations to satisfy the clients needs. This was my first official project I did using Wordpress.

The client was very happy with her website and asked me to build another one for her. She also needed a website for her english speech therapy. This website wil be online within a couple of weeks.

Click on the image to see the website.


Deli-d is a small catering company in Breukelen. The owner asked me to make a fresh and friendly looking website.

The website is provided with custom made CMS (Content Management System). The owner asked me to add a system to the website where people can order their appetizers, but not directly pay them like on a regular webshop.

I chose to make a shoppingcart, where people can put in their products, but not pay directly. Once they send their order, an e-mail will go to the owner to deal with the order.

Click on the image to see the website.